Lord Krishna High Definition Photos

Lord Krishna is one of the most adored and the most worshipped God in Hinduism. Lord Krishna's childhood mischievous activities are told as stories in Hinduism. Lord Krishna's High Definition Photos, pics, ecards, images are here for you to share online. Through these pictures you are spreading the values of Vaishnavism to your friends and dear ones.

    I am death, which overcomes all, and the source of all beings still to be born.

    I am the beginning, middle, and end of creation.

    As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.

    Just as a reservoir is of little use when the whole countryside is flooded, scriptures are of little use to the illumined man or woman, who sees the Lord everywhere.

    I am time, the destroyer of all; I have come to consume the world.

    Lord Krishna is known for his childhood heroics. Lord Krishna is the god of compassion, tenderness and love. His love with Radha is well known to this world through which he made us know about the value of real love. In this section we have gathered here high definition pictures, images of Lord Krishna and his sayings and quotes to share online via FB, Whatsapp or any social media tool.

    I am heat; I give and withhold the rain. I am immortality and I am death; I am what is and what is not.

    That which seems like poison at first, but tastes like nectar in the end – this is the joy of sattva, born of a mind at peace with itself.

    Pleasure from the senses seems like nectar at first, but it is bitter as poison in the end.

    There are three gates to this self-destructive hell: lust, anger, and greed. Renounce these three.

    They live in wisdom who see themselves in all and all in them, who have renounced every selfish desire and sense-craving tormenting the heart.

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